Operates all over the world

Bourbon Group operates in constant pursuit of operational excellence meeting the needs of its clients by offering a wide range of services in continental offshore and deepwater offshore. Deeply anchored locally, the whole group believe that our proximity with clients is one of our main assets. Through a global network of shipmanagers and affiliates and partners, Bourbon is able to operate everywhere in the world with the same quality and safety standards.

Bourbon Offshore DNT

Bourbon Offshore DNT is a fully owned BOURBON affiliate, which is specialized in Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) services for shallow and deep water industrial projects. The company offers a wide spectrum of services which contribute to IMR or construction projects across the world, on board BOURBON multi-purpose support vessels (MPSV) as well as on board third party ships. We strive for professional excellence to guarantee a high quality of services, taking time to understand the Customer’s requirements, individually tailoring the offer to specifications and constantly adapting our human and technical capabilities.

We provide the following ROV services all depths (< down to 4000 msw):

Survey of subsea assets during all phases of the project

IMR Inspection, Maintenance, Repair

Production system maintenance and repair

Pressure tests


Assistance to human diving operations

Christmas Tree, Jumper and other asset installation

Electric and hydraulic flying lead connection

Drill support activities

BOP assistance and emergency Decommissioning response


Pipe and cable laying support and repair

Offshore wind and renewable energies

UXO survey

We provide ROV services to all offshore players, from ship owners and opera- tors, contractors, port authorities, river and canal authorities, renewable ener- gy operators, when- and wherever an underwater job is to be done. We ensure that the work is carried out safely, in accordance with all best practices in the ROV industry, taking into account local conditions and circumstances. The company is Lloyd’s accredited for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 and operates in accordance with IMCA guide-lines and BOURBON Quality standards. The overall coordination of the ROV services is achieved from the head office in Ravenna, Italy: HSE and Quality engineering and management, crewing, maintenance supervision and logistic support.